“Harry Potter and the Magic of Spiritual Living”

20 07 2013

Very inspirational:

Changing the World

submitted by Linda Carol Adrienne, PhD, CHt on July 14, 2013

If we lived in Harry Potter’s world we would automatically accept magic. Magic that works with a wand, a spell and a flick of the wrist. Harry and his friends and family all accept their magic, they have an awareness of it. It is awakened in them when they are little and it is tremendously important for them to learn how to use it properly so that they do no harm. Then there are those who cannot use magic, the Muggles. They don’t even see the magic, the mystery or the possibilities of magic that surround them.

Well, we don’t live in Harry’s world, we live here. Where the magic works a little differently… a working definition for magic in our world could be “a special power, influence, or skill employed in order to have a desired good effect”…

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