Irrational Emotions = Irrational Actions

16 07 2013

This week has been an emotional roller coaster when it comes to the Trayvon Martin case. It brings me back to the concern I have always had about gun ownership.

The gun itself is just a tool, the danger is when this tool is in the hands of an irrational human being.

I am personally a Neighborhood Watch Coordinator for my community and have been for years. We actually had the City Neighborhood Watch Police Officer come into a meeting and talk with our team. The officer expressed over and over again NEVER confront someone, anyone,  under any conditions – ever. If you see anything suspicious, simply stay in your car, in your yard, in your home and call the police. Do not interact with the person. If anything, set off your car alarm to drive the person away and to bring more attention to the area. Confrontation is addressing someone, anyone, face to face. The officer always expressed the most important action is to avoid any kind of confrontation, because we can not control the other person’s actions, we can only control our own.

This whole issue uncovers a serious lack of compassion for other human beings and living things. I personally do not feel I need a gun.  Carpenters carry hammers, photographers carry cameras, mechanics carry wrenches; I think you get my point.

love hate
If we are trying to be more compassionate and be instruments of peace, we don’t need these tools of violence.

It is written somewhere pretty important, “thou shalt not kill”… That is the bottom line.

I don’t have a problem with gun owners, just those people who have a shoot-to-kill attitude. Where is the humanity and compassion in killing? How on earth did we get to this point?!  There is nothing inspiring about killing another person.

No matter how I try to wrap my mind around this case, I still can’t fathom the idea that it is acceptable to kill someone even in self defense under any circumstance. In the absolute worst situation would be shoot-to-injure so you can escape, or better yet, don’t put yourself in the situation in the first place. Do not confront. Leave the police work to the police and stop trying to be a hero.

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

The second amendment was not intended to protect these irrational behaviors. It was intended to defend our freedom for use as a “well regulated militia”.  The last time I checked a neighborhood watch captain was not part of a militia of any kind…  We continue to abuse our freedoms and we continue to dishonor those who actually wrote the amendment.

Mr. Martin was not breaking any law or taking anyone’s freedom, nor was he impeding the security of a free state by any means.

Because we have allowed irrational emotions to cloud our judgement, we are not seeing the human side of this issue. We should not be killing.

We have become so accepting of violence, so self serving and so selfish that we have forgotten how to live the Golden Rule. It breaks my heart! We are living in a time when it is okay for people to kill each other, but to see a couple showing affection in public or seeing something as natural as nudity is frowned on.

We have managed to get our morals and ethics completely backwards. We must wake up and stop hating each other. Violence must become unacceptable in our society – violence can not solve violence. Only it’s opposite will ever bring an end to this hatred that has poisoned our society.

The answer is and has always been compassion.  Being compassionate in everything we do. Stay out of potentially violent situations and avoid unnecessary confrontations.

The answer is within us. We can’t place the blame on others. We have allowed ourselves to embrace this hate. The only thing that can end hate is love – end of debate.   Hate is at the same end of the spectrum as fear.  It requires feelings of love and compassion to overcome it and to negate it.

We have to stop getting wrapped up in the details of playing the race card or the right to bear arms idea.  Both are ideas taken out of context that we use to feel victimized, that we use to justify more hate and violence.   It solves nothing.   The answer is not with the other person either.  The answer is in the mirror.  WE have to stop the hate and start to love unconditionally.

It is time to evolve and it is past time to mature and grow up.

LOVE is the ONLY answer.




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17 07 2013
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