Hitting an Inspirational Nerve

12 06 2013

Great Perspective!

Cedricj's Blog

I was in the middle of a routine development feedback session with a senior executive. We were surveying his strengths and developmental opportunities that arose out of a lengthy and extensive assessment process. Things were going well with this high performing executive.

 I then asked him to

 “Imagine yourself in your dream job that may not currently exist where you get deep satisfaction and make a huge contribution to your organization and subsequently the world.

We hit an inspirational nerve.

He leaned forward on the edge of his chair, took a deep breath, did not even blink, and could hardly contain his excitement as the words tumbled out.

My most cherished dream is that …… (for the sake of confidentiality I cannot tell you what he said)

But I can tell you why he responded this way and it will give you a clue as to how…

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