A Foolproof Process For Acting Courageously

12 06 2013

It first takes courage!

McLaren Consulting

Over the years I have found and seen in others that courage is easy to talk about: put into corporate “core values,” notice when someone does a courageous act, proclaim it as key to leadership. We inherently know that even the smallest acts of courage cause an enormous, positive ripple effect to ourselves, others, places of work and more practically, our careers.

But, those acts are really hard, big or small. A close work friend and mentor summed it up well, “Conscience is a good reason to be courageous.  Often underused, precisely because people need a paycheck.”

In other words, there are both perceived and real consequences to being courageous, and thus, a process to think through them will help educate when you need to be courageous and where you can let it go. Trade offs are a reality for everyone.

There are obvious areas to act courageously. Such as, blatantly…

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