We Are ALL Leaders

6 06 2013

WeAreAll Leaders

People think of leadership as an exempt position that is often referred to as “senior management”. The truth is we are ALL leaders. We each lead our children, our families, our friends, our co-workers, our clients and customers – everyone that enters in our lives…

The choice we have is if we are going to act like Bosses or are we going to be INSPIRATIONAL Leaders that lead by serving each other. Offering to help and guide rather than threaten and motivate.

Living by this choice requires internal work for each of us. We can choose to inspire or we can choose to intimidate.

When we work from a Servant Leadership position, offering help rather than criticism we inspire the other person.

It is important to acknowledge that anyone can do our job with the right information and knowledge. The difference is we are inspired to do our jobs so well that we inspire others and allow them to grow as human beings – often beyond the imaginary boundaries they set for themselves.

Do what you do so well and with so much inspiration that people come back to see you do it again and again. Loyalty based on inspiration becomes a driving force that inspires others.

I encourage you to inspire. Take a moment next time to you talk to anyone to think how you might inspire them rather than intimidate or motivate them. Encourage growth in everyone you encounter…

With Compassion and Gratitude,




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